Woodyard Training

Intro to Canter Test No 3

ITC 3 (2010)


1.       A       Enter at Working Trot

         C       Track left

2.       A-C   3 loop Serpentine (each loop to go to the side of the arena)

3.       C       20m Circle Left

4.       Between

         C-H   Transition to Working Canter Left

         HEK   Working Canter

5.       Between

         KA     Transition to Working Trot

         A       Medium Walk

6.       FE     Change Rein, Free Walk on a long rein

7.       E       Medium Walk

         H       Working Trot

8.       C       20m Circle Right

9.       Between

         C-M   Transition to Working Canter Right

         MBF   Working Canter

10.     Between

         FA     Transition to Working Trot

11.     E       Turn Right

         B       Track Right

12.     A       Down Centre line

         X       Walk

         G       Halt, Salute



Leave Arena at Free Walk on long rein at A


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